Gassco announces Polarled plan submitted
Wednesday, Jan 09, 2013

The plan for installation and operation (PIO) of the Polarled gas pipeline on the Norwegian continental shelf (NCS) was formally submitted to the Ministry of Petroleum and Energy today, 8 January 2013.

“This represents a crucial step for the long-term development of Norway’s gas resources,” says Brian Bjordal, chief executive of pipeline operator Gassco. The project was previously known as the Norwegian Sea gas infrastructure (NSGI) scheme.

Statoil presented the PIO on behalf of the partners in the Polarled development project. It also submitted a plan for development and operation (PDO) of the Aasta Hansteen discovery.

Due to run for 480 kilometres, the pipeline will tie Aasta Hansteen in the Norwegian Sea to the Nyhamna gas processing facility in north western Norway.

A separate link with the Kristin platform will tie the new infrastructure to the existing Åsgard Transport pipeline system from the Halten Bank.

Polarled will expand the existing gas transport network on the NCS and make provision for phasing in resources available in existing and future Norwegian Sea discoveries.

“We’ve been the architect for this solution on behalf of the licensees and the government,” says Bjordal. “It’s the best answer because it also takes account of potential production from undiscovered Norwegian Sea resources.”

Gassco was responsible for the Polarled project until the choice of concept on 21 December 2011. Statoil then took over leadership of the work on behalf of the partners until the investment decision was made.

In addition, Gassco has been responsible for leading the commercial process between the Polarled partners and the owners of affiliated facilities, and for operational preparations.

Source: Gassco

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