PGNiG: Poles opt for diversification of gas supplies and support the Baltic Pipe project
Wednesday, Feb 28, 2018
A recent survey shows the vast support for importing natural gas from Norway and breaking reliance on a current dominant supplier.

Results of "Poland's energy security 2017 - natural gas market" poll show that majority of surveyed believe that Poland should import natural gas from diverse countries and sources to break its reliance on the Russian supplier.

The survey results prove high awareness of energy security issues among Polish society. As many as 93% of respondents admit that Poland should import natural gas from various sources to build its energy security.

Currently, around 70% of natural gas imported to Poland comes from Russia, which puts Poland at disadvantage, according to the majority of respondents (75%). Hence the strong support for construction of the Baltic Pipe gas link, which is to carry gas produced in Norway to Poland. 90% of respondents believe the project itself would enhance the country's energy security.

The support for cooperation with Norway in terms of natural gas imports has risen by 21% in comparison to a similar survey carried out by CBOS in 2001. What is more, from those surveyed 87% believe that diversification of gas import markets will positively affect prices of the commodity, while 86% agree that Poland should generally look for solutions which would limit natural gas imports from Russia.

Survey details

"Poland's energy security 2017 - natural gas market" survey was carried out by GfK Polonia in December 2017 on a nationwide sample of 1,000 Poles aged 18+, using the CATI method. 

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